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The mysterious white city is situated at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube. A city with the most beautiful byzantine fortress Kalemegdan at its heart. It holds a very rich past, very warm and welcoming people, a dynamic and cultural nightlife with over 3800 bars, each hosting live music.

Duo Alis de Belgrade


Alis Belgrade duo returned to Switzerland!
Music Jazzy Gypsy, Slavic, Latin and English.

- Thurs 11.10 aperitif concert from 18:00 to Barawine, Castle Square in Nyon
- Fri 11.11 concert dinner from 20:00 to Italian Pub, bd Carl Vogt 20 Geneva
- Sat 11.12-evening concert from 18:30 to Restaurant Perdtemps, instead Perdtemps in Nyon

Come to that Slavic gypsy music continues l`aventure

Discovery Package end 2016

Grand festival, Guca, 08.2016. Discover a different and dynamic culture.


The slavic charm and music of the Balkans will take you by the guts and make your heart dance...